Picture of Rick Miller

Rick Miller

Feb. 1981 / Jul. 1996

Advisor / Founder

Rick (Richard) Miller started in the financial and insurance planning business in 1981 while completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business – Accounting at Cal State Los Angeles. He passed the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) exams in 1986 and has completed various security exams as a registered representative. Since founding CSI in 1986 Rick has helped over 500 families to legally protect their life savings and qualify for Medi-Cal LTC without spending down assets. Rick and his wife, Laura, have lived in Glendora, CA since 2001. They have two sons, Greyson and Ethan attending Glendora High School.

Picture of Kristin Wong

Kristin Wong

October 2000

Service Director

Enjoys cooking amazing meals for her husband Paul and her two sons, Mike and Cliff, and kindly shares with her co-workers. She also loves to shop and travel along the coast with her husband, Paul, particularly the Pismo Beach area. Among her other talents, she also enjoys maintaining her extensive garden and Koi pond, which is often under attack, and as such, has become an expert gopher huntress.

Picture of Vicky Tajeb

Vicky Tajeb

Since Jan. 2015

New Business Director

Pursues her neat freak tendencies by constantly cleaning any environment. Cleaning also allows her to relieve stress. She is an Excel spreadsheet connoisseur and lives to design lists via both technology and in her head. When sunny So. Cal. permits, she loves to snowboard at local mountains. She always carries allergy medicine in case she can’t help herself around nearby dogs – she is highly allergic and her eyes will puff up like golf balls… if you are lucky, you may be audience to this entertaining spectacle.

Picture of Alex de Lira Lopez

Alex De Lira Lopez

Since July 2017

Client Services

Block off all Sundays; he’s got a date with the Dallas Cowboys on TV. Sports are life; Football, Basketball, Soccer, Boxing, Baseball, and Wrestling. You name it, he watches it! Summer time is the best time - spending time with his daughters, Antoinette and Elizabeth, playing soccer and video games. Non-Sports oriented time is dedicated to his I.T. Business (Vanguard IT Solutions). Gee-king out over endless IT projects, tech talk will get him going! Phew… but wait, is there leftover time in the day for: his early morning hikes, Italian food, and cleaning up Black Jack tables in Vegas?

Picture of Jennifer Garamendi

Jennifer Garamendi

Since February 2015

Director of First Impressions

Loves the beach, but never goes. Her shopping obsession stems from her mother. This leads to countless hours traversing online websites including Ebay for clothes, purses, trinkets and the like. When not hunting down the next addition to her closet, she enjoys metalwork, creating beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Her passion for food is displayed via her stash of delectable Trader Joe’s munchies in her bottom drawer.

Picture of Ramon Nestor

Ramon Nestor

Since September 2015

Technical Coordinator

Don’t let his size and stature fool you, when dining with him, he will burn a hole through your wallet. He spends too much time staring at a computer screen – data entry and tracking at work, and binge watching movies and TV shows at home. Nicknamed Mr. Robot by his own family… he supposes he definitely counts as a machine, computer science major and all.